Author: vol3issue4

War in Apocalyptic Fiction

A scar of bright light hangs in the bat-black sky. Incessant gunshots and missiles fill the horizon.The septic smell of death looms over the battlefield. The cries of women and children can be heard echoing across the war-torn land. War has ravaged their once-peaceful homeland and all that remains now is a dystopian wasteland. As bodies litter the ground, the widespread destruction brings with it a sinister sense of pain and suffering. War is a fundamental but harsh phenomenon in human history, having been a recurring event in granting shifts of global power in civilisation. In this issue, we conceive of it to be an event that  transcends into the apocalypse, one that sustains in various circumstances against other beings. Read on as we bring you on a journey through the different settings of war in an apocalypse to learn about the ideas and symbolisms of war in apocalypticContinue readingWar in Apocalyptic Fiction