An apprehension of the end of the world as we know it consistently permeates through popular culture today. Accordingly, many contemporary films handle this cultural fascination with the apocalypse by putting forward narratives that revolve around avoiding the apocalypse. Alternatively, some films contend with life after, or even during the apocalypse. The narratives of these films instead grapple with the subsequent problems humanity must negotiate once the normality of everyday life has been stripped away. In the wake of a massive cataclysmic event, the notions of sacrifice and redemption, as these narratives explore, have become increasingly popular as a means of alleviating the burden of a post-apocalyptic world. There are many different ways in which sacrifice has been interpreted and explored in many apocalyptic films, with various narratives posturing the act of sacrifice as an essential step in the process of bettering their dire situations. The same can be said of the myriad ways redemption has been explored in these films as well. 

Hence, this entire article will examine the most prominent ways sacrifice and redemption have been explored popular culture today in all our four entries.

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Rohan, Niki, Asyraf & Sabrina.

The Apocalypse is coming …

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