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Volume 3 (2018)

Issue 1: Youth and the Apocalypse

Issue 2: Construction and Reconstruction: Society Broken Down

Issue 3: Humanity Apocalypse

Issue 4: War in the Apocalypse

Issue 5: Science and Knowledge in the Apocalypse

Volume 2 (2018)

Issue 1: Hope in the Apocalypse

Issue 2: Alleviating the Apocalypse: Through Sacrifice and Redemption

Volume 1 (2017)

Issue 1: The Portrayal of Societal Fears in Popular Culture

Issue 2: Revelations

Issue 3: Apocalypse in the Modern Era

Issue 4: Dominance and Oppression in the Apocalypse

Issue 5: Big Picture: Apocalypse, Small Picture?

Issue 6: Title